I’m gone

I’m gone
no sound
nothing but night
dress torn
eyes dry
picturing blood
the knife
shoulders — shaking
just silence
and I was gone

first there was an empty space

first there was an empty space,
then a character with no name
afraid of the dark;
found ― a book of words
that carried her to another world
where magic flowed from her fingertips,
shoes off, hair blowing in her face

Surviving the 21st Century

low tech – terror ,
new ways to cheat in the public interest,
the people speak
but not with one voice;
chequebook journalists pursue victims,
blueprints of the future fall short,
the White House shakes
to a vicious campaign,
shooting drones from the sky;
this is just murder by another name,
not politics, ideology, religion,
it is murder, lying in wait
for global investors to get nervous,
but down here it’s business as usual.

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