One more cup of coffee


I have often wondered what would happen
If we were ever to meet again.
In my dream it happens in a coffee shop;
I am sitting alone, waiting for a friend.

When he walks in, clearly looking for someone,
My heart flutters as I see him turn my way,
So I start to smile and raise my hand,
But his eyes look straight past me.

I begin to shrink with embarrassment,
Looking for some place to hide,
Getting smaller and smaller every second,
Until I disappear behind my coffee cup.

In a tiny voice I tell myself I am over him,
I tell myself this every day, less convincingly.
Why should he make my heart shudder,
After all the pain and unanswered questions?

From behind the handle of my coffee cup
I watch them kiss as the room spins and I faint.
When my friend finally arrives she finds me
Lying in a teaspoon, needing to be rescued again.

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