Love in four acts


Act I The beginning
He was so cute when we kissed,
Making out on my bed after school
Instead of doing our homework,
His hands wandering timidly,
Aching to be touched,
Understanding each other
In the afternoon sunlight,
As he said he loved me.

With sweet words of love,
He opens my warm and soft lips,
Gently parting to reveal a pearl,
Hidden, waiting and tender.
My quickening breath
Tells him it is the right place,
Swirling around his tongue
Until I cry and push him away.

Later I wanted to make it up to him,
As my virgin lips fulfilled the sacrifice,
Slowly learning and exploring
Until he couldn’t wait
And I ran off to the bathroom.

Act II The end
Lying on my bed in the evening,
Waiting for the phone to ring,
Staring out the window, thinking
About our last conversation,
Little moments that were signposts:
Turning up later and later;
Not returning my calls;
Arguing with my friends;
Little broken promises;
Forgetting to say ‘I love you’.
Slowly growing colder,
More confused and isolated,
Waiting for a phone call
That never comes.

Act III The aftermath
Too tired to get out of bed,
Naked hurt under the sheets,
Memories of desire
Echoing in the silence.
I long to be touched,
To feel a loving hand
Stroke my withered flesh,
Caressing the desperation
From my delicate breasts,
Taking my frozen fingers
And making them dance again
Under the pale moonlight.
But that was yesterday.
Today is quickly fading,
Tomorrow may never come.

Act IV Renewal
Lying on my back in the grass,
Motionless and dreaming,
Leaves stroke my limbs
In the summer breeze,
Soothing and pleasant.
My eyes are closed,
Thoughts remaining silent,
As my naked body
Senses every movement
Of the grass growing
Around my resting feet,
Daisies woven into auburn hair,
An aura spread on the ground,
My skin slowly burning
The colour of the soil,
Red-brown and fertile,
Ready to take the seed
And bring new life,
For I am mother nature.



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