Mobile swarm


They come out at daylight,
A gathering swarm of insects,
Building during the day,
Mostly in sombre black,
Some bright and colourful,
Seeking extra attention,
As thousands of tiny feet
Can be heard in the wind,
Each on clutching
A mobile device to its ear,
Lips twitching in concentration,
Miniature fingers tapping
Important messages,
Never resting on a daily quest.

Suddenly the lights change
And everything stops.
There is a momentary silence,
Until the humming begins again,
Louder now, more urgent.
Green, and two swarms
Become on seething mass,
Before parting and heading
In different directions.

One swarm settles in a food hall,
Each insect perched on its own limb,
Absorbed in its electronic device.
The other swarm descends on a park,
Breaking the silence with its
Persistent humming and tapping.

By the cool of evening,
The swarms have dispersed,
While isolated insects can be seen
Drifting home, still tapping away.


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