Impossible dreams


I love to sing and dance
around the house,
with enthusiastic
music turned up loud,
making me sparkle,
lively and energetic.

Feelings of pleasure
from morning sunshine
bouncing off water,
dispelling night’s gloom
with the fullness of joy.

The end of a long bike ride,
a thousand metres of climb
from Thredbo to Dead Horse Gap,
to reach the top of the pass
as the sun throws fingers of light
into the frozen valley below,
breathing mountain air:
that is exhilaration.

Jubilation is rarer,
perhaps the first time you kiss
or he says ‘I love you’
with fireworks and rapture.

In the quiet evening,
‘Great Expectations’ open
At the last chapter
As inactive muscles
Rest against eiderdown.

A second ticks away,
sixty more times I look at my watch,
to see the small hand frozen on one,
as it has been since the last planetary rotation,
cycles of seven that bring me back again
to the same coffee shop,
smiling serenely out the window.