Final goodbye (a letter unsent)

Dear Kyle,

It has nearly been six months since you vanished from my life. I wanted to tell you how much you hurt my feelings when you ended our relationship by text message. I think you owed me more respect than that after all we had shared together.

You said once, in jest I thought, that the world would not end if we ever broke up. Well I can tell you, my world did not end even though I have been very sad and confused. I am over that now, but I wish I didn’t see your damn Nissan Xtrail everywhere I go. I try not to look, but sometimes I just can’t help but glance at the driver to see if it is you.

I also want to tell you how much I really was in love with you, even though I know your feelings for me weren’t as strong. I would never have imagined getting married until you were by my side. All of a sudden I understood how two people could link their stars together.

Do you remember earlier in the year when we thought I was pregnant? I was scared but secretly hoped it was true. I still remember how intense my feelings for you were on that night we forgot to be careful. I had never wanted you so badly. Perhaps that is what scared you away. I will never know because you never spoke about it.

As a final note, I want to say goodbye to you for the last time forever. I don’t want to see you again because I don’t think my tarnished heart could handle it. I am getting stronger every day and learning to find my way back to the pathway of happiness. I no longer love you, so please stay out of my thoughts.




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