Grain of sand

I am a grain of sand,
Polished smooth
Over millions of years
By your restless tides.

I watched your first
Tentative steps on my shore,
I felt the heat of passion
When you took the virgin.

I felt the thunder
Of your anger,
I sensed the turmoil
That boiled within.

I tasted the blood
Spilled in your battles,
And cried at the devastation
You blindly left behind.

Now you are no more,
As I lay here resting
With my many sisters
Under the Southern Cross.

I am waiting for the morning sun
To kiss my golden skin,
With a heart of passion
And tender fingers.

Sometimes I burn so hot
That I scald the feet
Of unworthy lovers
As they dance.

Sometimes I am small,
Cold and mozaic blue,
As they hold me
In their delicate hands.

So many have looked
Without understanding at my
Beautiful crystal depths
In the palm of a hand.

I will wait until eternity
For someone who wants
To be loved in the way
That I give my love.


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