Effeuiller marguerite

My unbuttoned chemisier
blows in the breeze,
making me shiver
as his gentle hand
slides under my skirt,
legs unwittingly part,
fingers touch les cuisses,
lips stealing my thoughts.

Candlelight flickers
across bare skin,
an imprint of fingernails
on graceful palms,
gold bangle reflecting light,
le parfum de fleurs
filling the room,
as he counts the petals:
“She loves me,
she loves me not…..”

Head bowed in prayer,
adorant en silence,
shape of shoulders
hunched over,
drinking at the well,
slaking his thirst
but increasing mine,
unwrapping le cadeau
to feel it growing inside,
la fermeture de la fente,
I can feel his heartbeat,
sighing together in exultation:
“He loves me …..”


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