Reunited with an old friend


Excerpt from Molly’s Dreams available now on Amazon

I felt like I was lying in heaven when I woke in the morning. The pillows on my bed were as soft as clouds and I was snug under the fluffy doona. Sunlight was bursting through the window and it threw pretty patterns across the mat on the floor. I couldn’t remember having ever felt so happy and full of life as I looked out the window at the cloudless blue sky.

I bounded out of bed and grabbed my crutches and hopped up to the house to join Mum and Grandma in the kitchen for breakfast.

‘Good morning,’ I said brightly and gave them both a hug.

‘Well, you are chirpy this morning. It’s so good to see a smile on your face,’ said Grandma.

I couldn’t help but smile at her even more brightly. I really didn’t know why I felt so happy, but I finished breakfast and hopped out onto the verandah to wait for Debbie and Rose.

I had just started reading when an old car pulled up at the front of the house and beeped its horn. Then I saw Debbie’s head sticking out the window.

‘Come on, Molly. The beach is waiting.’

I quickly said goodbye to Mum and Grandma and made my way down the driveway to the car. In all the excitement I had forgotten to be nervous, but all of my shyness suddenly came flooding back when I realised there was more than just Debbie and Rose in the car.

Debbie jumped out so that I could sit in the middle of her and Rose and she took my crutches to put them in the boot. There were three guys sitting across the bench seat in the front.

‘Guys, this is Molly,’ said Debbie. As they all turned their heads to look at me, I sat there astonished to recognise the sandy hair and the lopsided grin of the guy in the middle.

‘Blue!’ he said, just as astonished as I was. ‘Blue, is that really you?’

All of the others sat there and stared at us with their mouths open. Not even Debbie could think of anything to say.

‘Hi Shawn,’ I said as coolly as I could, but inside I was bubbling with nerves and excitement.

‘You two know each other?’ Debbie screamed.

‘Yes,’ said Shawn, ‘Ages ago. I thought I would never see you again, Blue.’

The rest of the way to the beach was spent explaining how we had met when I was eight years old. Debbie was excited, but Rose seemed to show more interest in me than she had before. The other two guys in the car were Shawn’s brothers. The one driving was Neil and he was the oldest in the family. Shawn was the middle brother and Michael was a year older than me and the same age as the twins.

We stopped at the beach and climbed out of the car. It was the same beach that I had played on ever since I was a child, and I felt like I knew every curve of the sand dunes as they led around to that rocky headland that stood broodingly at the northern end of the beach. From where I was standing I could clearly see the pathway that climbed to the top of the headland.

‘Come on guys, let’s get in the water,’ Debbie squealed as she raced across the beach. She dropped her towel on the sand and then leapt toward the waves. Rose was close behind her and both girls screamed when the water crashed into their waists.

Neil and Michael were busy taking the surf boards off the roof of the car and Shawn got my crutches out of the boot and walked slowly across the sand beside me. Neither of us spoke. I kept thinking about the little boy that I had played with in the sand dunes and how he made me run all the time, but how I so wanted to do what he asked to make him happy.


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