Everybody has to dream

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When I was a young child, I dreamed that one day I would be a singer. I was always small for my age, very quiet and extremely shy, but in my dreams I could lift my voice up to the stars and everybody would listen. I loved to sing and the music played in my head all the time. I lived by the water with my sisters, in a house full of love, laughter and music.

One day I awoke as a teenager lost in a book of dreams. When I closed my eyes or disappeared into a daydream, my beautiful voice would carry across the water as I sang of love and tragedy. I discovered the poetry of the ancients, the light breaking from the east, and I was Juliet; no longer a child, but a woman deeply in love. I pledged myself to my lover and sang with him in duet as we promised each other eternity in a kiss. With love, he took the dagger from my hand, but as I looked into his face I found a stranger ready to plunge the knife into my heart.

The next morning I was an ordinary teenager. I had forgotten how to sing and no longer heard the music in my head. The stories I read now were true, full of facts and figures with no time for fancy. In the darkness my dreams had turned to nightmares, and I would wake calling out his name, only to find myself alone.

As the years passed, I followed the path of normal mortals and their day to day life. Eventually the nightmares stopped as I slowly forgot about the past. Until I passed a stranger on the street; for a moment, our eyes met and I felt a spark igniting inside as I heard the memory of a song. That night I dared to dream again. I was dancing with the stranger, swirling around the floor in a long gown and singing songs from deep within my heart. Suddenly I remembered my name, for I am Calliope and everybody has to dream.


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