Searching for love

You say you want someone
Angelic, sweet and beautiful,
Kind, calm and gentle,
A loving wife and dutiful;
Well I don’t know where to find her,
But I’m sure that isn’t me,
Looks like there won’t be any we.

You’ve watched too many movies,
Where love’s uncomplicated,
When he falls for just her smile,
Without feeling suffocated,
Where all the women and gorgeous,
And the men look just the same,
They kiss while the world is all aflame.

You say you want someone
To make your dreams come true,
To set your world on fire,
To always walk with you;
Although I get so lonely,
I can’t be these things today,
You and I should go our separate way.

I’ll tell you what I’m looking for,
And maybe then you’ll see,
The person right in front of you
Is no love refugee;
Sometimes I like it by myself,
I smile when on my own,
I am not a princess on a throne.

I’m looking for reality,
To be held at night while sleeping,
To take my hand through thick and thin,
To listen when I’m weeping.
So if you’re really serious about
Getting inside my heart,
Then talk to me – no better place to start.


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