Afternoon serenity

My soft skin is kissed
By the warm sun,
As you lay by my side,
Tempting me to touch
Your hard cover
And begin reading again.

Your sexy words caress my lips,
The taste of hot
Ink on my tongue,
Salty and sweet,
Leaving me eager to swallow
Everything you have written.

As you wrap your loving
Pages around me,
My fingers stroke
Your supple spine,
Urging you to give me
More of the story.

With red lips parted,
An involuntary sigh escapes,
As you touch my inner
Feelings with meaning,
The air filled with the scent
Of jasmine and roses.

You bring me to the point
Where I can’t stop reading,
With every word arousing
My tender senses.
Eagerly I hold you in my hand
And begin another chapter.


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