Honey Rider’s view

The warm Jamaican sun
Sparkles on the azure water
As I rise from the surf,
Stunningly beautiful
In a white bikini,
A knife at my hip
To protect myself
From all those men,
Just like the one
Watching me now
From the beach,
With cruel eyes.

All I want to do
Is collect my shells,
But like all men
This one is trying
To tell me what to do,
Watching my body
Rather than my mind,
Wanting to taste me
With his cruel mouth.

I try to resist him
But my lines don’t allow it,
I am suddenly submissive,
Pliant putty in his
Cold blooded hands.
I feel like screaming
When he attacks the guard,
In horror that those
Same violent hands
Had been touching
My tanned body.

So beautiful
But infuriatingly helpless,
I am tied up and left
Waiting for this man
To rescue me.
Luckily I am dressed
In high heels
And a very short skirt
So I am able to run
As fast as my rescuer,
Who happens to be
Fully clothed.
I am so grateful
In the end,
That all I can do
Is kiss him
And offer my body.


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