I can’t help giggling
As your fingers tickle,
Tracing ribs under paper
Skin, quivering as you touch
The soft down of my tummy,
Down, as I close my eyes
To feel your fingers, down.

I can’t help my heart skipping
As your warm breath
Whispers in my ear, soft
Lips kissing my neck, shivering
As your tongue licks my pulse,
Down, as I close my eyes
To feel your lips, down.

I can’t help sighing
As your firm body
Presses against my side,
Legs parting to bring you
Closer to my softness,
Aching as I fall
Down, as I close my eyes
Falling in love with you, down.


By light of the third moon

Bea reached the top of the mountain pass and stopped to catch her breath. Mist was drifting slowly over the precipice, shrouding the valley far below. She couldn’t remember how she’d gotten there but she knew she was being followed. There wasn’t much time. She had to keep moving.

There was a noise behind her and Bea quickly turned. Her heart was racing. A woman appeared out of the mist, reaching out her hand. She wore a long red velvet gown with strange symbols embroidered in golden thread. The gown closely fitted the elegant, shapely figure beneath. A wild tangle of auburn curls hung over the woman’s shoulders.

As the woman moved closer Bea found herself pressed against the rock wall. She couldn’t move. All she could do was watch the red dress coming closer. The golden patterns swirled hypnotically in the mist. Bea felt the woman’s breath against her cheek. She could smell her perfume.

‘Lady Avalynn,’ the woman whispered.

‘No, my name is Beatrice ― I’m Beatrice,’ she cried. There were tears on her cheeks.

The woman hesitated for a moment, then she began to fade.

Bea woke in the darkness of her bedroom.

She was shivering uncontrollably.

Through the curtains Bea could see clouds slowly clearing to reveal a full moon. Stars were beginning to appear and the moon cast shadows on the ground below. As Bea laid her head back on the pillow a shadow moved silently away from the house.

Pink lines

Waiting on my bed,
anxiously looking
for those little pink lines

holding my breath
mind spinning
with a thousand
confused thoughts
oscilating hopes and fears
anticipation and trepidation
as seconds tick by

am I ready for this?
positive or negative,
which do I want?
is there already new life
growing inside my body?
cells dividing every second
that I wait anxiously

how will I look
with a swollen belly?
stroking my tummy
will I put on lots of weight?
will my baby be healthy?
will I be sick all the time
like my sister was?
I’m not even sure I want to breastfeed
feeling panic rising
in my throat

Waiting on my bed
Anxiously looking
For those little pink lines


I am a gum tree,
Proud and tall
In Australian bush,
Not a classic beauty
But attractive in my own way,
Particular when adorned
With delicate spring blossoms.

I felt his heat reach me
On the warm summer breeze,
A hot tongue licking
The soft bark of my trunk,
Stroking my limbs,
Wrapping me in flames
Of his passion
Until we burnt together
Through the night.

He was gone next morning,
Leaving me aching and scarred,
A burnt out shell
Under the blue sky,
Crying tears of ash.

It takes time,
But I need to feel
His fire now and again,
Despite the devastation
It brings

Wedding night

Frozen tears
led him to my bed,
eyelids kissed
as silence

takes his bride
with hunger,
nuptial feast;
confused heart

is devoured,
forgets happiness,
blood rushes
between breasts

in darkness,
fingers slide
over a garter,
taking control

of burning skin,
scarring flesh
with kisses,
bouquet flowers

laying discarded
on the floor,
soft petals
weeping quietly.


Faces watch in the mirror,
Wondering who that woman is
Behind the makeup,
Searching for traces
Of the little girl,
Smiling at herself,
Pulling faces,
Testing poses.

Seeing a confused
Teenager, hating
The reflections
Of her imperfections.

Somewhere in the shadows
Is a young woman,
Happy, confident image,
Excited about the future,
Trying on a tiara,
Taking on the world.

As breath mists the glass,
All I see now are wrinkles
Reflecting years of watching
The faces in the mirror
Of the woman
That I find myself to be.


The creek draws me back
To its tired, scarred banks,
Weaving parched landscape,
Sometimes just a dry gully,
But more than a creek to me,
Trickling toward a future
Of restoration, reinvigorated
Riparian habitat, home
For birds, insects, fish, snakes,
Once a platypus, long ago
In my childhood, now
Just a silted memory,
Filled with old car bodies,
Shopping trolleys, Sunday
Mornings in contemplation,
An artist’s pen hovering
Over the page like a dragonfly,
Capturing sunlight reflected
On tiny wings, dappled shade,
The essence of the creek
That was my home.

Love and oneness

Long before my skirt
Hit the bedroom floor,
Those electric blue eyes,
Watched me moving,
Naked across the room,
Caressing my body
With his gaze,
As I surrendered
To the moment
Of whispered touch,
Needing him now,
More than ever,
My heart trembling
With desperate desire,
Feeling his body,
Searching smooth skin,
With hungry kisses,
Feeding his craving
Until I am screaming inside,
As the future explodes
Between my open thighs.

Under darkness of night

Under darkness of night,
My fingers caress the air,
Searching for your hand;
At peace, alive, aroused
By the space between us,
Thoughts linked intangibly,
Two lovers connected.

Leaning against your body,
Feeling your strength,
Loving your presence,
Savouring this moment;
No need for words
To break the silence
Of lover’s hearts.

Breathing deeply,
I wonder if you feel
For me as I do for you,
Do you see me as I am?
Do you long to kiss me?
Do you think about
A future together?

Shedding my clothes,
The cool night air
Caresses my breasts,
Naked shoulders stroked
By long hair drifting
In the summer breeze,
Feeling your gaze.

Tonight is ours alone,
To experience sleek,
Silky, graceful love;
I could spend
The rest of my life
In this single moment.


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