Life: a rock opera

The wail of a lone harmonica
greets the morning sunrise,
bathing hills in golden sound,
humans stirring as liquid notes
are picked on a 12-string guitar,
starting slowly in a random arpeggio
before settling into a sweet melody
over morning coffee,
underlined by subtle bass,
the rhythmical tap of a rim shot,
occasional thuds of bass drum
on the way to work

electric guitars and vocals
join the symphony of the day,
keeping the pulse beating,
blood running through veins,
rising from a slow morning ballad
to a midday rocker
as people rush about

until a lead guitar fills the air,
triplets ringing in evening
of dancing and ecstasy
with rising intensity,
casting off the innocence
of a blank generation

one voice of strength,
another of vulnerability,
joined in harmony
as lovers struggle
under the stars;
hearts torn apart
by a long saxophone solo

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