52 weeks

The year started with a trip to the beach, followed by a week in Sydney, camping in scorching heat, before settling back into the usual weekly routine, then off to Mudgee for an Australia Day concert in the vineyard, melting under the summer sun, swimming to cool off, a romantic Valentine’s Day evening, passionate, loving and fulfilling, back to Sydney for a weekend, ballet, watching Canberra’s buildings come to life in the Enlighten festival, fireworks by the lake, romantic twilight picnics, farewells at the airport, then the end of romance and heartbreak, before a Mother’s Day reunion, a weekend of love, then a final farewell on the driveway, as my heart is broken into a million pieces, a weekend of retreat to Thredbo to nurse the pain, no wonderful surprise for my birthday, more heartache and confusion over love’s mistakes, Much Ado About Nothing, more heartache, my book is launched, spring sunshine, then a final love mistake before giving up forever, does this fool never learn?


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