Under darkness of night

Under darkness of night,
My fingers caress the air,
Searching for your hand;
At peace, alive, aroused
By the space between us,
Thoughts linked intangibly,
Two lovers connected.

Leaning against your body,
Feeling your strength,
Loving your presence,
Savouring this moment;
No need for words
To break the silence
Of lover’s hearts.

Breathing deeply,
I wonder if you feel
For me as I do for you,
Do you see me as I am?
Do you long to kiss me?
Do you think about
A future together?

Shedding my clothes,
The cool night air
Caresses my breasts,
Naked shoulders stroked
By long hair drifting
In the summer breeze,
Feeling your gaze.

Tonight is ours alone,
To experience sleek,
Silky, graceful love;
I could spend
The rest of my life
In this single moment.



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