Romeo and Juliette

Kate was leant against the wall, one foot raised and resting on the wall so that her bent knee pushed toward Ben. He tried not to look, even though he knew it was there, because then she would know. Kate watched his eyes and smiled because she knew what he was thinking. She saw the uncertainty in his pupils. Why doesn’t he just kiss me? Ben saw all this, but couldn’t explain the swelling he felt inside as his eyes flicked down and caught a glimpse of her golden thigh. Kate looked away and sighed. Ben was talking again but she had stopped listening. She dropped her leg and looked at her watch. He thought her eyes looked grey now, rather than blue and they no longer looked into his face. The arch of her eyebrows framed those eyes and a wisp of brown hair fell across her face. Ben felt clumsy and foolish for not making the right moves. “I don’t s’pose you want to go out some time?” His tone was flat, more a statement than a question. She raised her eyes again and smiled. “I’d love to.”


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