Book review – The Women’s Pages by Debra Adelaide


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought it was cleverly constructed, intertwining the story of the main character, Dove, with the novel she herself was trying to write. At first I must admit I found this confusing and a little hard to keep track of which character was real and which was fiction. About halfway through the novel I came to the realisation that both stories were a mixture of reality and fiction, blurring the lines between the two as Dove searched for the meaning of her own mother’s death. I often get emotional when reading and this book was exceptionally moving with its themes of love, loss, fragments of memory, traces of family stories and how the truth gets distorted or hidden behind suburban windows. Maybe it is a human trait to need a connection with the past and the lives of our parents provide that like – it makes a poignant story when these connections are lost. Read The Women’s Pages, I’m sure you will love it.