Rocks and ocean

Your rocks line the shore,
Strong, solid, dependable;
Standing tall through aeons,
Offering your protection
To the lonely wanderer,
With dark secrets hidden
Amongst the cool shadows
Of your mysterious caves.

I am the restless ocean,
Crashing against your shore,
Inexorably eroding your rocks,
Bringing you gifts from my depths,
Seaweed, kelp, a castaway’s body,
Washed into your waiting arms,
As my waves kiss your face,
Gently licking the crevices
Of your secret caves
With longing, desire;
I tease you with my seaspray,
Before running away on the tide,
While you stand, passive,
Immobile; we are drawn together
By the wind, stormy encounters
That leave my turbulent waters
Surging against you, writhing
With my tempestuous nature.
It is cool in the shadows,
Where your bald dome
Thrusts into the wild ocean,
As I stare into your rock pools.

One day, little ones will play
On our beach; children of the rocks
And the stormy ocean.


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