Love poem

Sounds of pleasure,
Rhythmic beat of rhymes,
Irresistible lullabies
Cast a spell with riddles,
Like fingers on skin,
The poetic line of lips
Tenderly touching language
Of love, no plain words
Carry the meaning of a kiss,
Spaces where the breath
Of lovers emotions sigh softly.


Born to live

I was born to live,
Born to dream,
Born to dance
Within your arms
Where love has been,
Where I belong,
Not fade away
From the moment
That we meet,
Until I’m just a memory.


Running water, breathe;
Voices murmur over rocks,
Treetops whisper to me,
‘You are alone,’
In the shadows
That blow across the sky.

Dripping tears from branches
Land on my cheeks,
Silence stirs the air.
Sighing, paused.

Desire, guilt’s shadow

Desire, guilt’s shadow
Shames your steps,
Betraying innocence,
Temptation of the snake
Hiding in dark places.

Fool, unreasoned passion
Rules your every move,
A fair maiden,
A leafy glen,
Succumb to your desire.

Where love sighs
To you are just a myth,
Your panting breath
Reveals the truth
Of your tortured soul.

Love experience

My senses long for soft
Love experiences, warm
Hands, pleasing spirits
Inspired by sensitive art;
This body, closed eyes,
Breath, fractured peace;
Fingers love commitment,
Walking across bare skin,
Music of the flesh;
Desired calm relinquished
In arms with sighs,
Taken prisoner,
Compelled by violins.

In the quiet space outside

In the quiet space outside
my Utopian sanctuary,
silent footprints,
where the only voices
now are in my head;
peace of mind, serenity.

Warmer now, kindled by kisses,
love’s knots tangle lovers,
within my breast you lie;
eyes gaze at soft hands,
sweet lips taste desire;
clouds cover the moon’s modesty
like a blanket draped
over my naked waist,
but your lover’s touch
reaches my heart underneath
with a thousand kisses.

Cupid’s straight arrow

Cupid’s straight arrow,
Withdrawn from the quiver,
Strikes her unsuspecting heart;

Amorous nymphs conspire
With beauty’s maid,
Virgin passion hurling
Kisses on innocent lips;

Blushing naked cheeks
Reveal bewitching charms
Beneath coy looks;

Her tender soul wounded,
The arrow pierces soft flesh,
Consuming her flowering tongue,
Until elegant flames rise.


Mirror image memories
Grow more hazy
Since we sat there
Side by side,
In that first spring of love.

Now I watch silently
From my lonely knoll
As young couples walk
Hand in hand,
Unaware that the seasons
Will pass too quickly,
When flowers no longer bloom.

It is here that love lies


Cover my hungry lips with kisses,
Tender touch my cheek,
Trembling devotion in your arms;
So quick to fall in love,
A lifetime to fall out again.

The breeze of a lover’s sigh
Brushes your soft hair,
Every kiss ends and begins again;
Pretty words chosen by love
Give what I so desire.

I remember it now,
Seeing nothing but love,
The imprint of your soft hand;
Eyes telling more than words
Could ever express.

Raging fire begs to be quenched
With drops of dew in my bed,
Our lips touch again, my lover;
No longer two but one soft flesh
Floating with love.

Sweet desire, naked,
Touching you, feasting
On your honeyed opening
With sweet lips,
A thousand kisses.

Love-sick, heavenly breath,
Feeling what it is not to love
But to be loved, with one kiss;
Fingers locked together,
It is here that love lies.

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