Ghost of innocence

Ghost of innocence,
You took for your own
What I can never give again.

Farewell my love,
Saying goodbye is hard —
You meant everything to me,
I will never forget

Laying my head against your breast,
While you breathed words
Of sweet desire, I loved to hear
You singing the poems of Sappho,
Watching as you brushed your hair,
Slipping on a summer dress —
I loved the bright colours you wore,
Red lips, painted toenails,
Your sharp intelligence, witty tongue
That left me with shivers,
When you looked in my eyes,
Touching my hand gently,
Light reflecting from irises
As I lay mesmerised,
Intoxicated by the perfume
Of flowers against your soft neck,
How I met your craving
For burning desire
With my own tender sighs,
Succumbing to the beauty
Of moonlight on your skin,
Flower petals open
To relieve my frustrations,
Scattering violet, blue and yellow
Until only orange and red
Flash behind my eyes
In our exquisitely beautiful tryst,
Breathing affection against your breasts,
Yes desire — right there.

Then you kissed me goodbye,
Scalding my lips;
Everything is hazy
When I close my eyes
As I lay here alone.
My own heart is anguish
At your hot and cold;
I draw my arms
Across my chest
To remember your warmth —
If only I could look in those eyes
One more time.


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