Love’s dear face

Love’s dear face
Shines like the moon,
Smiling sweetly
On the stars in heaven.

When I fall,
I tumble all the way,
Tangled limbs,
Magical words of love,
Sound echoes
Of music in my ears.

Are you not the Queen
Of my night? Waiting
For evening’s shadows,
Urging my soul
In your royal bed
To kiss the beauty
Of your soft cheeks.

To wake in the morning
With love’s sweet kiss,
Sharing a moment
That lasts the whole day,
Captured in my glittering heart,
Where my love lies always.
The sweet surprise
Of an unexpected message,
Loving embraces in the evening,
To fall and laugh,
To hold and cry together.

You are the sun, earth and moon,
I am the stars twinkling at night,
Touching your parted lips,
Curtain of hair curling
Around your face,
To keep our love secrets.

But it’s not just your smile
That makes me love
The beauty of your heart
Where love makes its home.


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