It is here that love lies


Cover my hungry lips with kisses,
Tender touch my cheek,
Trembling devotion in your arms;
So quick to fall in love,
A lifetime to fall out again.

The breeze of a lover’s sigh
Brushes your soft hair,
Every kiss ends and begins again;
Pretty words chosen by love
Give what I so desire.

I remember it now,
Seeing nothing but love,
The imprint of your soft hand;
Eyes telling more than words
Could ever express.

Raging fire begs to be quenched
With drops of dew in my bed,
Our lips touch again, my lover;
No longer two but one soft flesh
Floating with love.

Sweet desire, naked,
Touching you, feasting
On your honeyed opening
With sweet lips,
A thousand kisses.

Love-sick, heavenly breath,
Feeling what it is not to love
But to be loved, with one kiss;
Fingers locked together,
It is here that love lies.


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