My thoughts lie curled

My thoughts lie curled
Around your fingers,
Where they nestle
In the warmth

Between my legs,
This transient body
Now illuminated,
Blazing golden,

Intense emotion,
Rising like bubbles
Of champagne
On your tongue;

Silk tears explode
Like a summer storm,
Struggling against elements
In this worthless world;

My heart is struck
By deeper shadows,
The secret power
Of passion flushed lips,

Lightning bolts stroking
This fertile body,
Spiritual and physical,
Stealing my chastity

As I cry for mercy,
The precious seed
Of love flowers
In my aching breasts.



Everybody wants to be
Some place else,
But I’m just content
To be in this moment,
Watching every hill pass by,
Existing at neither destination
Nor departure, but some place
Of limbo, where my face
Is pressed against the window.

For a woman

No-one and everyone
Watches me cross the street,
Noting the height of my heels,
The length of my skirt,
Shape of my calves,
They are wondering what sexy
Underwear I might be wearing.
I know they are looking
And it makes me nervous
To have my weaknesses exposed,
Where they can see my real self
Underneath my fashion clothing,
The feelings and sensations
Of moods and emotions,
Tomorrow, I will wear black,
Reconstructing my identity.

After all these years

after all these years,
she is still that little shy girl
I knew when we were children.
I remember when she was ten
she would keep me awake at night
scared of the dark and being alone
then suddenly she was sixteen,
discovering the meaning of words
how intonation can scald
or send a heart soaring
falling in love and leaving me
to pick up the broken pieces

she always seems so cautious
but she isn’t that sweet girl
she makes out, because I know
about all those sexy thoughts
those idly wandering fingers
then pretending it is me
that makes her do it, like the time
we went skinny dipping in the lake
but that was all her idea and I
didn’t want it to be that way
not using protection and having
to deal with all those tears

I should give her credit though
because she is the creative one
the one with all the ideas
making me write her words
so that I feel such a fraud
sometimes I hate her so much
but then she comes to me
crying, and I don’t have the heart
to hurt her anymore, except she
is the one that breaks my heart
by always getting involved
so I have to be the strong one

sometimes I can’t believe
she is still part of my life,
but there she is, staring
back at me from the mirror,
reminding me that I’m not
the pretty one, pointing out
every fault, but even though
she knows all my secrets,
and we fight all of the time
until I place a pillow over my head
to quieten her persistent voice,
I am nothing without her

Poetry is a breath shared

Poetry is a breath shared
Between lovers as we kiss

Inhaled words nourish my heart,
Like oxygen drawn into blood

Poetic feelings exhaled
Brush gently soft hair

From my lover’s face,
A smile quickens heartbeats

When we are lying close
Sharing one sensuous breath

These words keep me alive,
A pulse trembling under fingers

The hunter

Vicious circles wheel around the sun,
The crystal ball of her future,

When nothing remains the same
But the everlasting cycles of the moon.

Woman, round, soft curves of renewal,
Defined by ancient cycles of the body;

Mysterious to those that can only penetrate,
Hunters seeking prey with the rising sun;

Man, straight, unbending, pierce his prey,
Wounding her heart with his arrows;

He whets his appetite at her breast,
Longing to breed more hunters.

While you lay sleeping

While you lay sleeping
My fingers softly caress
Your warm breasts
In a daydream
Wishing it was me
Brushing that long curl
Of hair from your cheek
Following your curves
With my cupped palm
Gently kneading soft flesh
With growing desire
To be curled in love’s embrace
Aroused nipples bring
A smile to your lips
Tempting me to kiss them
But I don’t want to wake you
For this is my dream


Pure voiced Katie, sweet
Summer treasure, English rose
Blooming in my eyes. As we laugh
She brings warmth to my winter
Nights, thoughts tingle throughout
The day, raising my consciousness,
Waking in the depths of a dream
Where I cling to sweet Katie,
Yearning for the tranquility
Of her tender lips, reaching
For her hand in the shower,
Sharing the sweet taste of bliss.
Now she sleeps, while my daylight
Hours tick slowly by with every beat
Of my heart.

Searching the Zodiac

That Crab and Aries parent–child dynamic
Can be selfish and leave the poor crab manic,
The coddled Ram will soon become a brat,
Ruled by Mars; Crab, stay away from that.

When sentimental Taurus takes Crab’s hand,
Pampered and affectionate they both stand,
Until the Bull roars through Crab’s china shop,
Trampling insecurity, not knowing when to stop.

An emotional water sign love’s to bond and nest,
While Twins of air prefer intellect the best,
The Crab’s well intended nurturing care,
Sends the Twins running to and fro in despair.

Cancer’s feelings cycle with the moon,
The Lion’s ego and bossy fills the room,
Sensitive water, a Crab’s main element,
Can quench the fire of Lion’s own excitement.

Oh Virgo, the zodiac’s great helper,
With Crab can build an ever-loving shelter,
Kindred souls know how to give and take,
Losing her may be Crab’s worst mistake.

Twin water signs may be an ideal match,
But Scorpio moves too fast for claws to catch,
Together they can reach the highest bliss,
Before moods and stings fall into love’s abyss.

Goats and Crabs are cut from different cloth,
They are a match like flame is to a moth,
Is it love, a train wreck, a little bit of both?
There is no way the two will ever pledge their troth.

Opposite signs polarise into retro roles,
The father rules mother Crab’s tender soul,
Cancer daily longs for sweet affection,
But others thoughts are for their own protection.

This oddball match can be fun and full of power,
Crab clings and holds, you drift from flower to flower,
Cool Aquarius doesn’t need Crab’s touch,
She feels smothered, running from that clinging clutch.

She loves me, I know she loves me not,
Too indirect to really say what’s what,
The Crab and Fish may talk with different tongue,
But Fish is cool, and Crab you’re highly strung.

A dreamscape of love fills my imagination,
A sweet romance, full of fascination.
I have searched throughout the zodiac to find
That Libra’s heart is one that fills my mind.

So Libra, if you ever read this poem
Leaving you breathless, maybe even glowing,
Know that I have searched the world for you,
By Moon and Venus, Crabs feel that glowing too.

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