From a Greek tragedy

Enter Antigone
The puppet theatre crowd hush,
Waiting for the pause, a speech – thunder:
Silence weeps a chorus of music.

Aside, she turns,
“Why do you weep?
Men at war and gods of thunder,
Women wait for husbands
With patience, humility, chastity,
Dressed in Dorian tunics
Of wool, fastened at the shoulder
By a brooch, revealing her knees.
Gods seek revenge, men fear
The prophecies of the oracle;
Woman expects a child
To fulfil the prophecy,
To lay him in her arms,
Smiling into his little face.
Men strip women naked,
The gods weep, for the wives
In the temple hide their form.”

She turns to face the audience,
Hands covering her eyes,
But there is no mistaking the tears
As the curtain falls.


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