Finally on holidays

Hello everyone,

Well I have finally made it to the end of semester and I’m now on holidays for three glorious months! It has been a pretty intense and hectic year and at times I’ve really struggled but now I’m looking forward to my break and, yes, I’m actually excited about next year. So this year I have been mainly studying literary theory alongside my creative writing courses and while it has been a little overwhelming I’m mostly happy with my choices. Now I just have to wait for my final results, but fingers crossed.

Even though I am on holidays I won’t be sitting still. I plan to finish writing my second novel By Light of the Third Moon, get fit again, read lots, travel a little and work harder on my blog. So I have made a plan to change my blog a little. On top of my usual posts of poems and occasional bits of writing I am going to have a particular theme for each day:

Monday movies and books

Tuesday travel

Wednesday fashion

Thursday fragments

Feminist Friday

Weekend wanderlust

So thank you to everyone that has every read my blog and hit the like button. I really appreciate it and your comments make me happy. I hope you will join me on my writing journey over the three months.

Best wishes






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