Tuesday travel – Canberra


Okay, so for me this isn’t travel but I wanted to share the city of Canberra where I am studying at university. So Canberra is the capital of Australia and it’s the place where all the politicians gather and go blah blah blah. But these days there is so much more to Canberra than politicians and government departments. It is a place of space and beauty with so many hidden gems apart from the usual tourist places.

It is a brilliant place for cycling, from the city streets with its endless chain of cycle paths to the three city mountain climbs (Black Mountain, Red Hill and Mount Ainslie), to longer rides out to the Brindabella Mountains and the beautiful hidden valleys of the Murrumbidgee River corridor.

It is also a city full of bushwalking tracks and rock climbers. Or a thousand cafes if you prefer to sit and chat with friends rather than getting all sweaty with nature.


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