Monday books – The Stories of Eva Luna

The Stories of Eva Luna – by Isabel Allende


If you have followed my Monday books series over the last couple of weeks you will know by now I am a huge Isabel Allende fan. This week’s book is The Stories of Eva Luna, a follow-on from her novel Eva Luna that I reviewed last week. Eva is a story teller, a gift she used throughout childhood and into her adult life to deal with the challenges she faces. Through her stories Eva finds friendship, compassion, safety – and love.

This novel is posed as a collection of Eva Luna’s stories. Although they are a collection of short stories there is a thread woven through them that tells the story of Eva’s life, loves and concerns.

The stories highlight the importance of words in our own lives, how they are enmeshed with thoughts and emotions, actions and deeds and consequences. There are not always happy endings in life. The small, the weak, the beautiful do not always win. Too often it is the gross, violent men that are left standing at the end. But if there is a message in this book I think it is that it’s the way we live our lives that is important, the effect we have on those around us. It’s not about winning or losing, being the victor or strongest. It’s about having a heart full of emotion and touching the hearts of others.

Search for it in your local bookshop or library. The Stories of Eva Luna is a beautiful and thought provoking group of stories that I’m sure you will love.

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