A year for undreamed dreams

Normally I would spend the last few days of the year looking back at the things that had shaped the year, but 2016 was such a stressful year that I only want to dwell on it for a moment before looking toward 2017 – my year for undreamed dreams.

2016 started with nothing more than hope that it would be better than the previous year. But I needed more than hope to get through the tough, stressful, depression and abuse filled year and I just wasn’t ready for what 2016 threw at me.

So for 2017 my dream is that it is a year of calm – inner peace, outward calm. That will be my guiding light so I don’t move too far out of balance. However, my horoscope promises a year of excitement and electric influence and suggests I will tap into my reserves of energy to do some wondrous things with my life. I know from experience that I have to use that energy wisely when I’m among the stars.

In a month I will start the second year of my creative writing degree and I am looking forward to getting back into study. I need to finish my novel By Light of the Third Moon and by the end of the year have made a start on my young adult dystopian novel Caldera. I want to keep posting on my blog every day and write more poetry and spend more time playing my guitar. I haven’t written a song in ages and it’s time I did that again. There is also a pile of books on my bedroom floor that are crying out to be read as well as novels I have to read for uni.

Before my heart starts racing at all the things I want to do this year my horoscope reminds me that being methodical is the key to success. Don’t rush and take on more than I can handle and do it all with a loving heart. Oh, and watch out for bullies! I need to be more careful who I get involved with because I won’t stand for any more abusive partners!

So my undreamed dream is not a thing, place, person or activity. It is about me remaining calm – inner peace, outward calm. Yes, and that loving heart!

Happy New Year to you all





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