Love play

Acting – performance
rehearsals worn,
secrets told,
scenes of castles, air
blushing, tears

the perfect couple –
he is taller, bigger darker than her,
he is confident and looks straight ahead;
she looks to him, small and delicate,
his big strong hands dry her tears;
he is daylight, she is evening,

season’s sweet spring
adorns her child’s heart

writing romances,
crying bitterly
over tempting
young wives
pink dresses
eyes fixed on the wall,
taken in his arms,
worn out emotions
pull on her strength;
even an angel
can fall to earth.
Curtain falls


2 thoughts on “Love play

  1. Sweeping, like a whirlwind romance, but my heart caught on the details as well. Like a rich thread. You have portrayed a cliché as a layered experience, and it’s not cliché anymore.

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