In summer I’m the queen

Among the golden tints of summer glow,
no more cold or winter’s rain,
no springtime leaves of green,
autumn’s beauty days are slow,
but in summer I’m the queen

naked under burning skies,
lazy, murmuring bees
wait only for domestic news
of love and flowers and babies,
while the outside world vanishes
under summer’s heat haze

the summer breeze kisses my hot cheek
on a night so warm I can’t sleep
with your body so close to me

my eyes and ears learn your secrets,
my lips will tell you mine, then love,
there’s a million stars at night
each one shining on its own.



For down here there is nothing sadder

For down here there is nothing sadder
than a dream that slips from my grasp,
a lover succumbs to the temptation
like Eve succumbed to the asp;
as days grow shorter night closes
and your sunset fades from the hills
I no longer smell your perfumed roses
looking for love, candles, your thrills.

From the other side of the world

How do you read a poem
From the other side of the world?
When there is no snow in December
And I expect hay in August, yet
There are some things I should remember
And as always would soon forget
That my May-day weather is autumn
And my October is never chilled
But those days when we dreamed together
Are now gone and my dreams are stilled.

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