Slivers III

light without shadows, windows without walls, lies upon the lives that lie within, expressionless souls, existing in the moment feeling the beauty hidden in the shadows

Fashion is my second favourite F word

Fashion is my second favourite F word by imjustmolly-1 featuring nude shoes Pilot zip dress40 AUD – Nude shoes380 AUD – Dune faux leather handbag73 AUD – Roberto Cavalli gold charm necklace675 AUD – Chanel jewellery205 AUD – Hand made jewellery170 AUD – Kenneth Jay Lane hinged bangle130 AUD – Tech

Most of the time

most of the time I can remember the touch of summer legs pressed against mine softly as we slept, distant memories of a sweet impression in my lonely bed; in my mind, where fields are green, my heart lays with fairy dreams until the darkened sun ends my days because she loves someone else.

Thursday fragments 11

Extract from Molly’s Dreams, available from Amazon As the school year progressed I began to learn how to write. With my little fingers clutched around a wooden pencil, I had to take down the words Mrs Mills had written on the board and put them in my exercise book. By the end of the day my fingers were…