Writing update

Hi everyone,
I want to send a big thank you to everyone that has ever visited my blog over the past year. I am thrilled to think that my posts reach so many people around the world—47 countries so far this year alone! It makes me realise that we are one big global family. If political views and religion pull us apart, common interests like poetry, writing, photography art and fashion bring us together. I know which world I prefer to live in.
I also wanted to give you all an update on my plans for the next six months. University starts back on Monday and I will be entering the second year of my degree in Creative Writing. This semester I am studying women writers from the late 19th Century, Young Adult dystopian literature and feminism.
I have finished the first draft of my second novel By Light of the Third Moon and I will begin posting chapters as I rewrite them. I hope you all like it!
On top of that I will continue writing and posting poetry, book reviews, short stories, photos from my collection and indulging in my love of fashion and things I can’t afford.
Wherever you are in the world have a wonderful 2017 and please come back to visit often.
Best wishes and love


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