I can’t do a love song

There were so many things I didn’t know;
at the age of eighteen I thought life
was meant to be like a movie,
a romantic comedy
that would throw the love of my life
into my path in some serendipitous moment,
that moment when our eyes meet
across a crowded room
and music begins to play;
like a hopeless romantic
he would take my hand
and lead me to the dance floor
as a slow song plays we kiss
and my life would never be the same again;
but now I’m never going to dance again,
my guilty feet may be clumsy
but it wasn’t me that looked the other way.


Stabilising Saturn

Stabilising Saturn
tells the truth
of soft spirits,
existence is desirable
like the hazy charms
of a slender arm
seen divided
from the unseen

Daughter of the moon

Daughter of the moon,
caressed hills and valleys
are fleeting until empty
guilt finds you laying
your head on his chest;
her hand was warm and soft,
he kissed her eyelids,
searching for a connection
now his passion had ebbed;
even the darkness
cannot hide the fact
they are strangers;
she was seeking love,
his unmet need,
as timeless as life itself.

Leo moon

The Leo moon watches me,
catching autumn leaves,
like when I was a child,
delighted by their changing colours,
myriad shapes that sparkle
as brightly as stars in the sky;
for a moment I study the leaves
gathered in my tiny hand,
the changing seasons
pass me by so quickly,
I long to name each leaf
as I once did, as old friends,
tracing russet memories
through each wrinkled vein;
some leaves spread
like the palm of a lover’s hand
but it is the cordate leaf
over which I linger,
fallen like my lovers heart;
behind the trees
the Leo moon
shines onto my face
glistening tears.

Pity man

Pity man
who bleeds in battle,
badge of honour,
despising woman’s
lunar flows
of life giving fluids.

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