A different sort of book review

I have always been a book worm. Ever since I learned to read I carried a book with me everywhere I went. Mum sewed me a pretty library bag so that I could borrow books from the school library. I wish I could remember all those early books but they are buried somewhere deep in…

Thursday fragments 16

That night at dinner, the girls were still talking excitedly about the show. ‘Did you see how cute the lambs were?’ ‘I didn’t go anywhere near the animals,’ said Samantha. ‘It was too dusty and smelly in there.’ ‘Oh, but they were so cute, and the smell wasn’t that bad,’ said Jasmine. ‘What about the…

Somewhere there was a witch

Somewhere there was a witch in the moonlight shadows fading a female slaving over lessons in love emasculating men to lose control of their own bodies placing pearls in his ears while stroking his thigh  

Thursday fragments 15

When I was eight years old my class at school started drawing pictures and writing stories to enter in the local agricultural show. Mrs Mills made us do them again and again until she thought they were perfect. She ripped one of my stories out of my school exercise book and screwed the page into…

In my head, the voice

When the rain comes on the outside the power of the underworld will claim my soul for light and dark are in the air tonight bound by ancient Runes fragmented dreams stop the universe a smile tells a lie that everything has changed in my head, the voice