Australia is fair, like a true daughter of England

A wanderer stands at the statue of Robert Burns A digger’s tent is lonely in the night But a woman is other to the men that laid Our countries roots in song and verse She was melancholy, as the lonely curlew cried Men are sailors battling the weather and dying Women’s hearts break with all…


Indecisive failures victimise romance Predator and prey glimpse the future One needs the other Feather soft nerve endings On dark nights bound With no sense of time to each other

I come from my country

I come from my country Where Thursday frost sparkles Beneath my feet Some wear their national identity Like a cloak, but mine Is more like a well-worn cardigan Comfortable and familiar Somewhere in the bottom of my closet I wear it for old time’s sake But most of the time it is just there In…

Knowing what you want

Knowing what you want is not just about looking good in a pair of tight leggings it is about having a dream that is worthwhile doing everything you can to make that dream come true knowing the difference between loving and being in love it’s about being strong and crying at the same time.

Thursday fragments 19

I met Mum outside school at the end of the day. ‘Hurry up, Molly,’ she said. ‘We have to meet the truck at our new house.’ She was so anxious to get going that she didn’t even notice that my dress was dirty and smelled like smoke. I climbed into the car and squeezed in…