A day in Bathurst

Despite a cold, foggy start to the morning the sun soon came out and it was a glorious winter day. After an early morning swim I went to Bathurst for the day to meet up with my sister.

Bathurst is Australia’s oldest inland city and there are so many beautiful old buildings. This week is Bathurst’s winter festival and my sister and I started with a ride on aferris wheel followed by lots of laughing and falling over on the ice skating rink. We then wandered around the shops, exploring lots of lovely boutique shops. I contented myself with buying some scented candles because I have a thing for candles, oh and scarves… I just love scarves! The shop assistants were so friendly that I just have to go back.

After lunch in a delightful little bakery we ventured out to the Mount Panorama motor racing circuit. This is where Australia’s most famous race – the Bathurst 1000 – is held each year. I felt so racy in my little black Focus tearing around the track (at 60 km/h, it is a public road after all!).

All too soon the day was over and I’m now sitting snug in front of the heater waiting for my dinner. I wander what tomorrow will have in store?


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