The Witch in the Mirror – part 1

Time becomes the hour

Of magic and power

To heal or harm

Flesh and blood

With dark whispers

Within the circle

For now is the time

To awaken

Four years ago

Emily sat on a chair at the kitchen table munching on a slice of raisin toast and swinging her legs in the air.

‘Can we explore the castle, Mum?’

‘Well, I don’t think there is much castle left. It just looks like a pile of ruins.’ Her mother was leaning against the sink and flicking through a tourist brochure. ‘I think we’ll start with the shops. It looks like they have lots of antique shops here.’

Emily sighed and finished her breakfast.

This is meant to be a fun holiday.

She finished putting on her Doc Martin boots and followed her mother outside. Emily looked back at the cottage now she could see it properly in the daylight. The holiday rental her mother had leased for the week was just a small cottage with whitewashed walls. It sat apart from the rest of the village and overlooked a small bay. Beyond the cottage Emily could see waves rolling in from the Northern Sea and crashing on the little pebbly beach below her. It was so peaceful she couldn’t help but smile.

There was a small path from the cottage to the beach and Emily looked at it longingly. But Mrs Wells began heading the other way. ‘I remember coming down here with great-grandfather when I was a little girl,’ she chattered away. ‘He used to tell stories of how sailors were shipwrecked on the beach or smugglers would sneak in under darkness. I remember another story about how there was a plot against the king and one of our descendants was held prisoner at the castle.’

‘What happened?’

‘I don’t remember exactly, but I know it was supposed to have something to do with magic and witchcraft or some such medieval nonsense.’

‘Magic!’ Emily felt a shiver of excitement.

‘Not that any of that is real. There’s no such thing as magic.’

Emily stopped listening to her mother. Her thoughts had drifted far away.

I wish I had some magical power.


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