There was a boat

There was a boat
Just an old boat
Rust curling up the side
But it was the children
They were in the water
All of them
All of the children
In the blue water
Like it was a game
If I covered my ears
It looked like a game
They weren’t screaming then
And it was just the smoke
From the burning boat
Flowers licking the rust
That made my eyes teary
Not the children
I couldn’t see them anymore
But I knew they were there
In the water, the blue water.


3 thoughts on “There was a boat

  1. This is a really clever poem in the way that it isn’t immediately clear what it’s about – how it started with the boat and trickled down to the true subject of the poem (the children drowning). I loved the feeling of it slotting together.

    Great poem 🙂

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