Surviving the 21st Century

low tech – terror ,
new ways to cheat in the public interest,
the people speak
but not with one voice;
chequebook journalists pursue victims,
blueprints of the future fall short,
the White House shakes
to a vicious campaign,
shooting drones from the sky;
this is just murder by another name,
not politics, ideology, religion,
it is murder, lying in wait
for global investors to get nervous,
but down here it’s business as usual.

her name was summer

summer fills every part of me
moonlight silver in my eyes
shapes shimmer, twirling
music floats – my feet dance
like spirits of the air
sweeping grace in her arms
swaying to the song
fingers in my hair
brushing against my neck
smooth and hot
brushing against my lips
crushed against her body
until sunrise – pink light
slips over the horizon
and deep inside me

My faery queen

My faery queen
doesn’t think of me in that way;

stuck in her imaginative web
and burning with desire,

obsessed with her flirting
to all the boys;

she is completely unaware I exist,
the girl with tears rolling, graceful hands;

passionate is pretty, on a cloudy high,
try to live with the pain;

hands in my pockets,
hoodie pulled low

she looks but doesn’t see
the face I see in the mirror;

I don’t know who I am anymore
but when she looks at me I can’t breathe

to never wake

a voice inside
shouts I’m a girl
watching shadows
that won’t stop
risking my life;

I can feel them now
burning in my stomach,
my eyes, daring me
to never wake

just like a princess

I went out
last night a girl
a stranger
―I came back a woman

a prince tasted my lips
beneath the balcony
— made for each other

I should have realised sooner
I needed to calm down,
whatever happened
to my resolutions?
I shouldn’t have called him
so soon after last night
― just like a princess

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