Sydney – Day 1

After a long day of travel I finally arrived at Sydney late in the afternoon. Destination, the Rocks, where I met up with an old friend for coffee. The GPS in my car might have shown me how to get here but it doesn’t show me the story behind the place on the map. The Rocks is an echo of Australia’s convict and colonial past. That was one of the reasons I came here. Although it’s now a couple of days past Australia Day, this was the scene of the original European landing of the First Fleet on 26th January 1788. I thought being here would help me understand that history better. After more than two hundred years of urban sprawl it is hard to imagine what it must have been like way back then. What were the thoughts of the original Cadigal people as these strange men landed on their shore? What about the sailors and convicts aboard the ships that were viewing what was to them a strange landscape attached to the glistening waters of that beautiful harbour. I’m here for a week and I want to explore both sides of that story so that I can understand better.