Sydney – Day 4

I like to start the day with no plans so this morning I set out to just wander wherever the wind took me. It just so happened that the wind wanted me to go clothes shopping this morning. Because the weather has been so hot I bought myself some cute pink shorts and a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face. That left me free to venture further and explore some of Sydney’s beaches. There is 60 kilometres of coastline from Broken Bay to Port Hacking with more than 40 ocean beaches. I was content to just catch a bus to Bondi Beach. Is this the most famous beach in Australia? The Aussie tradition of surf lifesaving began around here. Golden sand that stretches down to the crashes waves, giving way to the deeper blue of the ocean. Sandstone bluffs are like bookend an either side of the beach. I was content to sit by the water’s edge and sip on a chocolate milkshake. I’m not much of a one for the surf and with my freckled complexion I have never liked being in the sun too long. So I finished my milkshake and hopped on a bus back to the city. So many of these streets had once been winding tracks and it feels to me like a city that just grew with much planning. That is one of the charms of Sydney.

Until tomorrow, stay safe and happy travels,

Molly x