Road trip to the Gold Coast – day 2

After a long day of driving over the mountains yesterday I woke refreshed to see the sun just rising over the horizon. I left Stephanie sleeping and went for a stroll around the grounds of the motel to check out my surroundings. It was so beautiful now it had stopped raining and in the daylight I could see were on the edge of a beautiful green valley.

I woke my sleepy-headed friend and we decided to drive down to Bellingen for breakfast. The Waterfall Way lived up to its name with plenty of water splashing down the gullies after last nights rain. It made me feel light and happy.

Bellingen is a river town that began its life as a service centre for the pioneer cedar-getters. The town later became known for shipbuilding and dairy farming. Now Bellingen is a beautiful and historic-looking town that has been well preserved by it’s community. Wandering through town I see a mix of bohemian, hippy and farming-types living together.

The town is just waking is Stephanie and I find a cute little cafe for breakfast by the side of the Bellinger River. Bacon and egg roll to fill an empty tummy and conversation with my best friend soon has a big smile on my face. I could stay in Bellingen forever to enjoy its music and atmosphere.

We are back on the road and after before I know it we have arrived at Grafton. I haven’t ever really stopped in Grafton before so we decide to pull over and wander the main street. Apart from the amazingly wide Clarence River, there isn’t much to see in Grafton. Even though it is still bustling I feel it has the air of a town that had already seen its hey-day.

Next stop was Bangalow. This is one of my favourites places on the planet. It is beautiful little town just inland from Byron Bay and it has a real sub-tropical feel. It’s a kind of classy hippy place where the boho dresses have price tags that make me gasp. I love looking though!

Lunch in the park under the leafy bangalow palms and then it’s a short drive to Southport on the Gold Coast. That is for another day, so until then safe travels.

Molly xx