Book review: Supergirl Being Super

I only started reading comic books about two years ago. Even then it was a reluctant beginning that was a result of my best friend Stephanie always dragging me into our local comic book shop. It was boring. She would spend ages flicking through racks of comics while I just felt out of place. That’s when I decided to start seeing if there were any comics that might interest me. And what a treasure trove I unleashed. As if I needed it, but now I spend nearly as much money on comics as I do on books.

I have several criteria when I’m looking for a comic. I start with the artwork. It has to be appealing to me. Some comics are too cluttered, or too garish or just plain ugly. I like something that is simpler, clean lines and believable looking characters. Even better when the characters have realistic expressions that change with their moods. My second criteria is that I seek out female writers. This helps hugely to narrow my search because the comics writing world is hugely dominated by men! Then the storyline has to be interesting and not too much senseless violence.

This is what led me to Supergirl Being Super, written by Mariko Tamaki with artwork by Joelle Jones. Normally I steer away from the mainstream superheroes but the cover of this book caught my eye. A quick flick through the pages showed me that it was about what seemed to be a normal girl who was only just discovering her super powers. I decided to buy it and so glad I did!

supergirl 1



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