#Fashion Saturday: Moonflower


This week’s fashion inspiration is from Brunswick in Victoria. Jump on the #19 tram, stroll from Brunswick Road to Albert Street, and shop shop shop!

Tiny Dancer Modern clothing styles. Although it is currently having a bit of a neon knit, abstract print moment, it will probably be all faux fur and uneven hemlines by the time you read this.

Chitra’s Closet Gorgeous vintage clothing. If you’ve a yen for a puffed sleeve, a lace collar or a parasol, Chitra’s Closet has got you covered. There is more than a touch of whimsy here but don’t be fooled by the playful colours.

New Model Beauty Queen is a fashion boutique that doubles as a textile printing studio for local designers. The store’s own label is available for purchase and their designs are about as extravagant as the name suggests. Think large prints on brightly coloured leggings, shirts and dresses.

Olive Grove is a design and retail co-op owned by nine local clothing, jewellery and textile designers. As the stock is all produced and sold in the store itself, it’s not uncommon to see more of it being made as you peruse the racks on display. The fashion and homewares for sale are as many and varied as the designers themselves, so be sure to take a good look around.

Have a fab week in fashion

Molly xx