The Witch in the Mirror #3

By mid-morning Emily was bored. Endlessly wandering through antique shops wasn’t her idea of fun.

How many more antique shops can there be?

‘Ooh, there’s another one down this lane.’ Mrs Wells was studying the tourist map. ‘Just one more, I promise. Then we’ll find somewhere to have lunch.’

Emily looked uncertainly at the ramshackle building.

‘Are you sure there is a shop down there?’

‘That is what it says in the brochure. Come on, be brave.’

Her feet crunched on the gravel as she turned and led the way. Emily followed reluctantly. I wish we were going to a castle instead.

Mrs Wells stopped in front of an old door. A faded sign hung over the doorway.

‘Well I guess this is it. It says Antiques.’

She walked up to the door and knocked.

‘It looks creepy, Mum. Can’t we go?’

Mrs Wells knocked again, but there was no answer.

‘Well, it looks like you got your wish.’ She stepped back from the building. ‘Hello?’ she called out.

Just then the door creaked open and an old lady peered out from the darkness.

‘Come in, dears. Come in.’

‘Oh, hello.’ Mrs Wells smiled. ‘I was beginning to think you weren’t open.’

‘My shop may be old, dear, but there is always something to find for those who seek.’ She beckoned. ‘Come, come.’

Mrs Wells had to duck her head to enter the old building. It was gloomy inside. The only light came from candles dotted around the room. The old lady picked up a pair of scissors and began snipping at a bunch of herbs.

Emily followed them inside. Her mother was already admiring some antique plates on a dresser.

‘They once belonged to the prince,’ said the old lady without raising her head.

Mrs Wells put the plate down and kept looking around the room. ‘You have so many amazing things in here.’

Emily tuned out to the chatter and turned to look out the window when a sparkle caught her eye. She moved toward the sideboard where she found a basket of jewellery. Most of the pieces were old-fashioned but the one that was sparkling was a crescent moon on a simple silver chain.

‘How much is this?’

‘You can have whatever you want from that basket. They are just some old trinkets.’

Emily smiled and said thank you as she put the chain around her neck. The crescent moon nestled on her chest. She felt it tingle warmly against her skin.