just boys being boys

i could smell sweet perfume
chewing gum, watching the girls
mini-skirts, tanned thighs
music pounding
tissue paper flowers
snowflakes of light
flickering from the ceiling

i could smell
sex and loneliness
hands on the small of my back
making me twirl
guiding me to the carpark
sliding skin under my dress

i couldn’t see his face
or remember his name

i tried to scream
through his fingers
hard pressed against the armrest
his mother’s volvo
watching his mouth contort

i still had my body
that is what i told myself
as the world ended


  1. No one should experience this
    right now I’m struggling
    searching for words of comfort.
    The world for you has ended
    Nobody should do that
    truth is, you’ve been offended,
    too bad you cannot identify it
    cause it should be apprehended.

    I know by this
    you feel discouraged
    but after this
    being happy and smiling
    takes a lot of courage.

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