I was born in the Blue Mountains, Australia in 1996. My family moved around New South Wales while I was growing up but I now live near Canberra where I am studying creative writing. I spent my teenage years writing poetry and fiction and have published three collections of poetry including Ain’t Life (2012), Forever and Always(2013) and From a Café Window (2015). Molly’s Dreams is my first novel and I am currently working on two others while trying to get it published.

I have a strong sense of social justice and hope that infiltrates my writing, particularly human rights and feminist issues which I feel very strongly about.

When I am not writing I like to dance around the house singing or wake early in the morning to listen to the birds talk about their day. Sometimes I walk in the shadows with my eyes open, seeking the moonlight. I also like to find the time and space for playing my guitar, reading, drawing, sleeping and other ways of procrastinating.

I’m a country girl. I am always learning. I have a cat named Tiggles but I call him Tiggs. I am good at remembering faces but terrible with names. I love photography, music and dancing. I think a lot about the past. I bite my fingernails. I am very emotional and show my feelings, but I am loyal, nurturing and sensual. I like to cook, but I am not very neat and hopeless at multitasking. Sometimes I am confident and strong, but most of the time I’m not. I am never perfect.




  1. Hello Molly-Louise
    It’s good to find you. I am years older than you but we have the same concerns in common. I have only ever written 3 poems. I write and submit short stories and once won a prize of £1000! I am submitting now with one for the Bridport Prize. In June will start submitting a dramatised memoir to agents and independent publishers so watch my blog ‘evenmorewords’ and I will follow your path as you submit your novel. Best of luck, Jane

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