nobody sulks like a teenage girl

nobody sulks
like a teenage girl
nobody understands
how it feels to hide
nobody cares
if her dreams are alive

nobody sees
her reality depart
when sound melts,
guitar ― bass — drums,
ephemeral — fleeting


peace starts with just one person

around the world
divisions widen conflicts
harder hearts deepen
closed minds weep
for the past
cannot be undone
while human nature
remains unchanged
injustice, repression, exploitation
in precarious balance
peace starts with just one person

life is crazy slow

life is crazy slow
it tastes like hot breath
beneath my waistband
restless all night
it doesn’t make a difference
staring at the ceiling
when I’m in someone else’s bed
someone else’s life

i believe every feeling

i believe every feeling
torturing myself
take a pill
cheer up
be energetic
i hate when people say that
i’m not gay, when clearly
they don’t know who I’ve fucked
i just cover myself with ― nothing
that reminds me of my body
because I just feel stupid
and the lies stack on top of each other
in moments of panic
like when she kissed me on the lips

at night my muse awakes

at night my muse awakes
sighing and whispering in my ear
I tell her I want to read
but she urges me
With her fingers
you can read later, her words
silky on her tongue, insistent
every night she woos me
until I am won like a maiden
my pen scribbling across the page
while her hands stroke my hair
I lose track of the words
lose track of time
writing with mounting fury
when her lips find my collarbone
our spirits move together
through the silent hours
until my muse is sated
I put down my pen
and crawl back to bed

to mend what has been torn

to mend what has been torn
there are two forces in my mind
one has me on my knees
begging forgiveness
the other doesn’t remember
the way she left me
like life itself
slowly pulling me apart

someone has her eye on me

someone has her eye on me
I dance, have fun, try to pretend
I can’t see her watching me
in my perfect world

she is there, watching me
in the corridor
when I look at her
once — twice
at her shoulders, wet eyelashes

she can see my deepest thoughts
desire, her hands in my back pockets
we meet at the back of the school

I wash my face, my hands
but I can still smell her, taste her
lips against my mouth

she tells me I’m too shy
but I don’t care
when we die together

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